Discovered at my youngest age (6 yrs), I practiced fishing on the banks of the Loire and on the Great and Small Rhone. After a period of coarse fishing competition, it is towards predator fish that my attention is turned. A particular passion for the lunatic character of zander, requiring a permanent questioning. The creations I develop for our brand Digit Squad Fishing, are marked by experiences and fishing atmospheres encountered throughout the seasons. The cocktail of float fishing / echo sounder, has my favor to approach all types of courses in a short time to focus on the essential. More than a high score, the ability to convince this unique fish, demanding, reveals fishing as this art that animates us all.
I’ve been lure fishing for many years, I love to learn about new techniques and improve on the current fishing approach to game fishing in French waterways. aI’m particularly fond of sight fishing in clear water for chubs and pike but I mainly target zander, perch, silure, and barbels. Whether it’s wading or on a float-tube, I like to veer off the beaten path and find less pressured fish. I also fish in canals for zander and black-bass.
I started sport-fishing when I was 11 years old with my father. Since childhood, I focus on big predators like pike and silure. My biggest pike so far are 120 cm, 125, and 128cm. It’s a goal of every fisherman, and for that, I pay attention to the smallest details that make all the difference in the world.
I started fishing 7 years ago with family members. A memorable day that changed my life. Since that day I spend my days on the water looking for trout, pike, zander, and black bass. It’s a special moment every time, and so important to reconnect with nature. I enjoy sharing this passion with others and meeting new people. I mostly fish of my boat in our lakes and rivers. I also love DIY and boat rigging.
I’m a sport fisherman in northern France. Pike is probably my favorite fish, but perch, zander, silure, trout, and black bass are also on the target list. I love to travel and discover new regions. I mostly fish from the shore or out of a float-tube. In my neck of the woods I mostly fish canals, a few ponds and rivers. I’m looking forward to promote the brand Digital Squad Fishing and take my part in its growth.
I’m very passionate about lure fishing. I mostly fish for zander and sea bass, because of how hard they hit and their aggressiveness. However, I fish for any game fish including trout!